Program Details

The Student Loan Payment Acceleration Program is designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of the short and long-term benefits of proper financial management and the impact it has on future employment, relationships, and purchasing power.  K.D. Salters, the Program's founder and former student loan customer works with students, graduates, and universities throughout the United States to communicate information about her experience as a graduate entering the workforce and the choices she made to ensure financial stability.  Participants will learn about the most common financial mistakes that women and men make within the first five years of graduating that can impact their ability to pay their student loans.  In addition, borrowers will learn ten proven tips that they can execute in their every day lives to expedite their ability to pay off their student loans.  These tips are meant to help people improve their relationship with money and how they function as consumers in a “must have it now” society.

Why participate?

Participants of the Student Loan Payment Acceleration Program will gain the following benefits:
  • Learn practical repayment tips from a former student loan customer.
  • Break down myths about debt repayment as a lifelong commitment. 
  • Develop a clear understanding of how to make impactful life changes to ensure financial freedom and prevent costly mistakes.
  • Answers to questions that most people do not know and are afraid to ask.